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Video price and time delivery is key at CineLau. The equipment is able to meet all neccesary requirements for proper video making, which covers slow motion in High Definition videos up to Ultra High Definition videos. For editing, Adobe Premiere Pro is used together with occasionaly After Effects. Below a list can be found with all equipment that can be used during filming:

 - Sony 6700α camera

 - Sony 6300α camera

 - Sony E 18-105mm F/4.0 G OSS PZ lens

 - Sony E 16-50mm F/3.5-5.6 OSS lens

 - Sony E 55-210mm F/4.5-7.3 OSS lens

 - 2x GoPro Hero 11 action camera

 - GoPro Hero 5 action camera

 - DJI mini 4 Pro drone camera

 - DJI mini SE drone camera

 - DJI RS 3 Mini stabilizer

 - Tripods

 - Wired microphone

 - Accessoires for cameras

CineLau is a startup company which continues to learn over-time with increasingly better video's.


Drone operator number: NLDpse0civnqvers-zcr

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